Welcome to the Wheelchair ITF Tournament at Bad Gleichenberg



We are thrilled to host this prestigious event, bringing together talented wheelchair athletes from around the world. Over the course of the tournament, you can expect to witness extraordinary displays of skill, dedication, and sportsmanship.


The scenic location of Bad Gleichenberg provides the perfect backdrop for this exciting competition. As the players strive for victory, they will also have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and charm of this wonderful region.


Spectators can look forward to witnessing intense matches, heart-stopping rallies, and inspiring moments of triumph. The spirit of camaraderie among the participants and their unwavering determination to excel in their respective categories are bound to leave a lasting impression.


We extend our gratitude to all the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and sponsors who have made this event possible. Your support and passion for wheelchair tennis contribute immensely to the success of this tournament.


So, come and join us at the Wheelchair ITF Tournament in Bad Gleichenberg as we celebrate the power of sports 



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